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Geometry Vocabulary

The process of drawing a figure using a compass and straightedge
Instrument used to draw circles and arcs
An infinitely set of points that extends indefinitely but has no thickness or width
Share the same line
Angle "across from" sharing same vertex
A pair of angles whose sum is 90 degrees
Intersect to form right angles
2 adjacent angles whose non-shared rays are opposite rays and form a straight line
< 90 degree angle
Equal measure
> 90 degree angle
The part of a line that extends from one endpoint to another
To cut in half
An object that can be used as a guide to draw a straight line
The numbers associated with the x and y coordinates of a point
The instrument used to measure angles in degrees
180 degree angle
A pair of angles whose sum is 180 degrees
90 degree angle
The sum of the lengths of sides of a closed geometric figure
A point that is in between 2 points of a segment and equidistant to both points
A part of a line that has a distinct endpoint and extends infinitely in one direction
"next to"
A flat surface that extends infinitely in all directions; must contain at least 3 noncollinear points
Unit of measure for angles
The common endpoint of 2 rays that intersect
The most basic unit of geometry; named by a single capital print letter