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Southeast Asia Geography

Puzzle Type: Educational
Teacher: Mrs. McCann
Sea that lies between Vietnam and the Philippines; has violent monsoons and typhoons.
Third largest ocean; lies between Africa, Asia, and Australia
Sea that lies between China and Korea; it becomes the East China Sea south of the Korean Peninsula
World’s highest mountain range; includes Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world.
India is on the west of this body od water; many large rivers, including the Ganges, flow into it
Largest and longest river in China; provides hydroelectric power, water for irrigation, and transportation for cargo ships.
Peninsula that extends out from China in between the Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan; divided into two countries
China’s second largest river that causes devastating floods. It is named for the muddy yellow silt it carries
Heavy rains
A body of land that is surrounded by water on three sides.
Body of water that lies between the continent of Asia and Japan.
Desert in northwestern China between two mountain ranges
River that starts in the Himalayas and slowly runs through India and Pakistan; provides water for one of the largest irrigation systems in the world
River that flows through China, Vietnam, and several other countries. Rice, is grown in the river basin.
Asia’s largest desert stretches across southern Mongolia and northern China.
Most important river in India because it runs through the most fertile and highly populated areas; considered sacred by the Hindu religion.