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Ancient Civilizations of Africa

The Empire that took over Ghana in 1054 CE
This is what a group of traders or travelers crossing the Sahara desert is called. They traveled like this for protection.
When one country takes over another country and controls its government and economy.
The Empire that invaded and took over Mali after Mansa Musa's death.
This mineral was the most important mineral in ancient times. You need it to survive and preserve food. It was more valuable than gold.
Resources that can be used and replaced over a relatively short period of time
The largest Lake in Africa
A process in which desert spreads and expands.
Scientists who study fossils
The First Kingdom to arise out of West Africa through its trade connections, gold mines, and salt deposits
This large pack animal was introduced to Africa from Asia. It is very good at living in deserts.
The movement of the Bantu society across Sub-Saharan Africa
An area that experiences a lack of rain for a long period of time
The large island off the East coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean
The Mali Emperor who successfully took over Ghana.
Resources that, when used, can not be used again or takes millions of years to replenish.
A raised area of relatively level land.
The Mali King who is considered the richest person to ever live.
This is the longest river in the world
Ghana means "the Land of ____", which it had the most mines of in the world at that time.
The large body of water the separates Africa from the continent of Europe
The second Largest continent on the planet. Made up of 54 countries.
This is the southern most river in Africa
The name of the large desert in south Africa
This is the group that began to attack Ghana for religious reasons and weakened the empire.
This is the river that flows through the major tropical rain forest of central Africa
An area of rifts and volcanic valleys that stretches over most of East Africa.
The flat grassland found between semiarid and tropical regions.
The earliest society of ancient Africa that is characterized by similar language, culture and beliefs. They were hunter gatherers.
An area and climate that receives at least 10 to 20 feet of rain a year
The name of the Largest Desert in Africa.