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Challenge A Geography Terms

A tract of land surrounded by water
An artificial cut or passage for water used for transportation
An extensive wood
A smaller stream running into a larger one or proceeding from it
The distance of any place on the globe from another place, eastward or westward
A vast sandy plain characterized by minimal plant growth
A long, narrow passage of water
A body of water interspersed with many isles
The shore of the sea or of a lake
A wood of small extent
A rock that breaks the waves
A port or haven for ships
A small inlet or bay
A flowing or passing of water
A natural elevation of land
A narrow hollow with steep, rocky sides worn by a stream or torrent of water
A deep natural hollow place in the earth; deeper than a cave
The place or point of union
A small natural stream of water
Hill, mound, or ridge of sand
An arm of the sea, extending into the land
A piece of land enclosed for tillage or pasture
A high, steep almost vertical rock
A low place between hills
A great extent of land, not disjoined or interrupted by the sea
The edge or margin of the land next to the sea
Soft, wet ground covered with grass or other plants
The direction a river flows
A large and extensive collection of water contained in a hollow of the earth
A round hill or mount
A steep rugged rock
A hill at the base of a mountain
Pasture or grassland annually mown for hay
A hill or mountain of ice
The distance of any place on the globe, north or south of the equator
The line that terminates the view when extended on the surface of the earth
A hollow place in the earth
Any tract of land or inhabited land
A swampy slow-moving body of water
A steep slope of ground rising from a lake, a river, or the sea