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God’s act of revealing himself and inviting us to respond with faith.
raised place where sacrifices are offered . The altar used for the center of worship during the Mass, is also a table, where we gather to share the Eucharistic meal.
the way that Jesus’ passion, death, resurrection, and ascension saved us from sin and gave us life after death
special box that held the Ten Commandments
Act of unselfish giving, ritual or offering made by God, by a Priest on behalf of the people
story of how God freed the Hebrews of Egypt and is also the second book in the Old Testament of the Bible
The bread like food that God gave the Israelites in the desert
Faithfulness and loyalty to something or someone
the church’s yearly calendar of celebrations and seasons
Jewish Celebration of the Israelites exodus from Egypt
term meaning “father”, is the great leader of the Hebrews from early scripture, male leader of a family.
putting God above everything else
is Canaan, the sacred place God promised to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and the Israelites
Yahweh is the most sacred name of God spoken to Moses. It means “ I am who I am”
the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen
a sacred agreement or relationship, sometimes sealed by a ritual or ceremony