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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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The special day (TWO words) we celebrate this month
A person you might send a Valentine card to
The heart is a powerful _____ about the size of a human fist
The Roman god of love, always shown as a little boy with wings
The part of the body that the heart pumps blood to
An old-fashioned word meaning "affected by love"
The name of the doctor (TWO words) who performed the first successful heart transplant
For someone Madi's age, the average of this (TWO words) is 80 to 100 beats per minute
A celebration for Valentine's Day
These TWO words might be used to describe the person who really like another person but doesn't want that person to know
The month Valentine's Day falls in
Two people who are married
The TWO words these symbols stand for - XO
Be _____ is a phrase you might see on a Valentine card
The flower usually associated with Valentine's Day
TWO colours you might associate with Valentine's Day
The type of candies usually associated with Valentine's Day
The TWO items Cupid always carries
The word that completes this sentence - I _____ You!
The part of your body usually associated with Valentine's Day; it is also the shape associated with the day