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Grade 7 Chapter 11 Review

How were James Bowie and Davy Crockett similar L1P4-6
Mission where Amon king and his soldiers took refuge L1P1L3P1-4
Fain's withdrawal from this town was marked by a series of poor decisions L3P2
How did the fall of the alamo affect the situation in South Texas L3P2
Why was the Alamo's location important L1P4
Because troops were so scattered geographically this was poor L1P2
He was honest about their certain defeat L2P4
Mexican joined Texas Revolution after the repeal of he Constitution of 1824 L1P5
Travis's shooting the cannon and flying the Texas flag signified he was determined to do this L2P3
Why were the Texas forces not able to effectively prepare for Santa Anna's invasion L2P1
Tejano commander who missed fighting at the at the Alamo L1P1-6 L2P1
Swore that no Texan defenders would at the Alamo L1P1-6 L2P1
Site of Urrea's defeat of Dr. Grant L1P1L3P1-4
Commanded regular army soldiers at the Alamo
Site of Urrea's victory over Johnson L1P1L3P1-4
Fannin did this when he disobeyed Houston's orders L3P1-3
Santa Anna's Red Flag signified this L2P4
He returned to the Alamo after delivering Travis's letter in Gonzales despite facing certain death L2P3
Site of Fannin's surrender L1P1L3P1-4
The Alamo's walls height and fortress allowed these weapons to be positioned strategically L2P1
In the attack on the Alamo, Santa Anna's troops reached the walls on this attack L2P5
Site of the massacre of Fa in's troops L1P1L3P1-4