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CH. 2 Cell Introduction lessons one and two

Absolutely needed
Cell that has organized organelles and nucleus
Fat molecule
Organelle used for digestion of waste
Gives the cell its shape and controls what goes in and out
Used for transportation within a cell
To move one thing to another place
Arms, legs, claws, antenne, tails, hair
Long chain of amino acides
Tiny hairs used for movement
Makes protein for the cell
One or more sugar molecules put together
Explanation based on knowledge resulting from observations
Cell that does not organized organelles or nucleus
Organism that is made up of only one cell
Basic unit of life
Long tail like structure that is used for movement
Organelle use for storage
Organism made up of more than one cell
Powerhouse of the cell
Organism's ability to maintain internal conditions no matter what conditions are on the outside
Job that an organelle is to perform
Brain of the cell