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ch. 10 Plant Reproduction

Reproductive part of a fern
Colored part of the flower
Sticky part that catches pollen
Contains the ovule that contains the eggs
Female part of the flower
Young fern
Pollen grains land on stigma of another flower in the same vacinity
Embryo stage of a flower
Water loss of a plant
Early growth stage of a plant
Reproductive structure of a angiosperm
Waxy layer of a leaf
Contains the seeds for plant growth
Green leaf structure that protects the flower in the budding stage
Contains the egg needed to make seeds
Male part of the flower
Has tubes that transport nutrients
Holds pollen
Supports the anther
Pollen grains land on the stigma of the same flower or plant
Produces male sperm
Does not have tubes used for transporting nutrients
Connects the stigma and ovule
Produces food for the plant