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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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3rd Grade, Week 18, 1-9-2017

Choose from the  following 15 words: (-ture):
mixture, furniture, picture, nature, feature, adventure, future, capture, creature, signature, story, ever, answer, hear, here
Signing or writing of your name, or an autograph
Photograph, illustration, drawing or image of something
Household property
Time to come; expected later
Reply or solve, as a math problem
Always, at any time, or forever
Catch and hold, seize, or arrest
Combination or concoction
Living things outdoors; character or disposition or personality
In this place
A risky trip or experience, usually thought to be fun to do
Animal or beast
Characteristic; special attraction, like a movie
become aware or understand by perceiving sound through the ears
News or account of an event, like a book