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French Revolution Terms

The richest members of the third estate were called this
Machine used to decapitate people; made famous by the French revolution
Government ruled by elected representatives
Daughter of Maria-Theresa of Austria, Wife of Louis XVI of France
The gathering of members of each class, called when the king cannot solve a problem on his own
People who had escaped France and spread stories of what was happening in the revolution were called
Dissenting groups of people are called
The second Estate in France was the
The revolution finally ended when this man staged an overthrow of the French government
Radicals in Paris set a fashion trend when they wore long pants instead of the shorter knee breaches. They were called________
"Hero of two worlds" this French aristocrat had been instrumental in both the American and French revolutions
The prison that was attacked on July 14th 1789; many people consider this attack to be the beginning of the French Revolution
Olympe de Gouges sought for equal rights for not just men, but for ________ too.
Robespierre believed that the only way to get people to behave morally was to fill them with ______
The first Estate in France was the
Spending more money than you take in causes there to be a _________ and this can damage the economy
Robespierre was the leader of this radical political faction
The french class system was divided into three classes, also called ___________
Another word for the right to vote