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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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3rd Grade, 1-16-2017, Week 20

Choose from the  following 22 words: (-aw): flaw, bawl, straw, seesaw, raw, jaw, slaw, withdraw, claw, caw, gnaw, saw, foresaw, jigsaw, paw, crawl, draw, one, because, said, cousin, won.
Past tense of see; a metal, sharp-toothed tool used for cutting wood.
Tear of break; a tool used for forming something (jigsaw puzzle).
Family relation (son or daughter of an aunt or uncle).
Simple or sole or individual.
Leave or remove from a situation.
Bones of the chin on a face ("chops" or jowl or mandible).
Crow's cry or squawk; howl.
Predict or anticipate.
Bite or chew; be bothered by or worried about.
Dried grain used as food for animals.
Foot of an animal having claws; touch roughly.
Salad made from cabbage.
Cry, yell, or holler.
Teeter totter; move back and forth.
On account of; as a result of.
Creep or move slowly (as on hands and knees).
Nail of an animal; a tool shaped like the nail of an animal.
Defect, imperfection, weakness, or blemish.
Uncooked or undercooked food; exposed skin; harsh and unpleasant cold weather.
Achieved, conquered, or beat.
Create a picture; tie in competition; even, as in equal, or a standoff; take out (gun or card in a card game).