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Color For Painting 1

Radial diagram of colors in which primary and secondary, and intermediate colors are displayed as an aid to color identification
Intensity of a color
3-5 colors that are next to each other on the color and have one color in common
Lacking highlights or gloss
Plan for organizing colors
Tray for mixing paints
Violets, blue-greens and blues; appear to recede on a two-dimensional surface
When black is added to a color
A painting method (oil, acrylic, etc)
Colors that are opposite on the color wheel
Color made by mixing a primary with a secondary color
The natural color of an object
Three colors equally spaces on the color wheel
Red, orange, yellow; appear to come forward on a two-dimensional surface
Includes browns, blacks, grays and whites
The opposite of transparent
The name of a color
Brightness or dullness of a color
Consisting of only one color including its tints and shades
Red, yellow, blue
Light value of a color, made by mixing the color with white
Green, purple, orange