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Structure and Functions of Plants

The root system of grasses that contain many nearly equal sized roots are called
Kills trees because it stops the transport of food to the bottom of a tree
The study of plants is called
Reversible, repeatable plant movements - example the movements in a Venus flytrap
A growth response to light
The passage of water vapor out of the leaf through the stomata is called
The plant tissue that carries water from the roots to the leaves is called
A plants response to light is controlled by special pigments called
The region to the outside of the xylem in a tree trunk
Nastic movements are caused by changes in ______ (two words)
Plants are producers or consumers?
A collection of xylem
An annual growth ring is composed of springwood and ____.
The vascular ______ is a growth region in plants
The outermost tissue of leaves, young roots, and young stems
Plant _____ are used to stimulate plant growth
Type of stem that is hard and not flexible are called _____ stems.
Openings between guard cells of a leaf that permit water vapor and gases to pass into and out of a leaf - found on the underside of many leaves
In organelle in plants that functions in photosynthesis such as chloroplast
The protective covering in leaves and stems
A plants response to the length of time it is exposed to light is called
The growth and movement of a plant part in response to touch - an example would be a pea plant
A type of plant hormone that starts with the letter A
The growth and movement of a plant part in response to gravity - a plant's stem exhibits negative __________
A region on a stem where a leaf is or was attached is called a
Transports a sugar solution
A component of plant cell walls