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Olivia Linde TKAM crossword puzzle

8th grade 
Lit class 
Making someone angry, annoying someone.
To get in the way of, block.
Not liking someone for having a good time.
Bluntly expressed.
Questionable in quality. Rickety in structure.
Bitter, angry or cranky
Bright ,showy , distasteful.
The ability to use each hand as well as the other.
A handcuff or shackle; Some form of hand restraint.
A small groove or something similar.
To swing crazily and without coordination.
To clear something up or explain something.
Stick out; extend past a surface.
Hard to deal with, annoying, to peeve.
Moving in a wavy motion.
Mess or annoy someone.To cause pain or irrittion.
Angry rant, outburst of harsh words.
Argumentative; disagreeable.
Strong, bouncing back.
To bully or scare someone.