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World Geography-Russian Vocabulary

Permanently frozen ground
An economic and political system in which the government owns or controls almost all the means of production
Division of a region into smaller hostile regions
Russian term for new openness in areas of politics, social issues, and media
The expelling from a country or genocide of an ethnic group
Illegal trade of scarce or illegal goods usually sold at high prices
Network of prison labor camps in the Soviet Union
The power struggle between the Soviet Union and the United States after World War II
A change to private ownership of state owned companies and industries
Restructuring/reforming the Soviet economy and government
Effect of extreme variation in temperature and very little precipitation within the interior portions of a landmass
Town of Ukraine that was left abandoned after 1986 nuclear accident/meltdown
A country controlled by another country
Extensive geographical region of northeastern Asia comprising 77% of Russia's land mass
Title of the emperor of Russia before the Russian Revolution