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Force and Motion Vocab Crossword Puzzle

A force acting between surfaces in contact.
The fourth letter of the Greek alphabet; the symbol that indicates change.
A measure of the motion of an object in terms of its mass and its velocity.
The property of mass that resists change of motion.
A specific location used to monitor change of position.
The act of changing position.
A net force exerted on an object results in acceleration proportional to the strength of the force.
Speed that does not vary over time.
The position of an object at the start of a motion.
The amount of change of position between an initial position and a final position.
The amount and direction of a change in position.
A segment of a complex motion event
The change of velocity per unit of time.
The distance traveled by an object in a unit of time.
An object's location at a given time.
The unit used to measure force in the metric system.
A measure of the quantity of matter in an object
An interaction between masses; a force exerted for a period of time.
For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
The force due to attraction between Earth and other masses.
Objects remain in uniform motion until acted on by a net force.
The position of an object at the end of a motion.
The change in position per unit of time.
An interaction between masses. A push or pull.
The sum of all of the forces acting on a mass.