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PUSH/Cell Phone Capture!

You can view PUSH Notifications on the _______ History page in SSP.
PUSH Notifications are sent to one of these CM devices.
Cell Phone Capture is not required if the Caller is claiming this.
If additional ID is prompted on an outbound call, select this from the SSP caller drop-sown list and proceed with the cell phone update.
If this code is on CAS or Authorization Notes, the account is enrolled in PUSH Notifications.
PUSH Notifications are messages that are sent to the CM's ______ phone that alert the CM to recent activity on their Card accounts.
This Blue Box Value counts as 20% of FAST UA's overall performance rating.
In what scenario will FAST UA advise the credits will appear on an upcoming statement which can be viewed online or through American Express Mobile App?
This is not required if the CM has advised they do not have Card in possession.
To ensure CMs always receive a Quality service experience, always follow these procedures.
Cell Phone Capture is not required if the Account Notes has this message.
Every phone call provides an opportunity to capture a CM's cell phone number to ensure that we have an easy way to __________ them .
PUSH Notifications are sent to one of these CM devices.
When a charge is _______ for fraud concerns, the Mobile app instantly alerts the transacting CM and allows the charge to be verified with one touch.
PUSH Notifications are received in the form of a text message.
What link in the CSP Notes tab can FAST UA see PUSH Notifications listed in the Delivery Type column?
Card in possession.
According to PUSH Notification procedures, when determining the caller type, if the caller is the PA or AM Full, the process is this.
Where FAST UA can see the 2-letter code that shows the account is enrolled in PUSH Notifications.
PUSH Notifications include _____ alerts, Use of Points for Charges and Purchase Alerts.
PUSH Notifications enable American Express to quickly ______ transactions of concern with CM.
Per ECCO, APS is not required to discuss Mobile App or PUSH Notifications if the call is only related to Corporate Express Cash PIN _______ .
Per ECCO, FAST UA will use AESP (SSP) to do this with cell phone numbers.
PUSH _____.
If FAST UA is not speaking with the BCM, Cell Phone Capture is not _________ .
Cell Phone _____ is only required for Consumer and OPEN accounts.
PUSH Notifications allow for _____ resolution of fraud alerts with a single touch via their Smartphone.
_____ Notification.
Cell Phone Capture is not required for these accounts.
FAST UA _____ Quality!
Providing CMs with a Quality service experience will increase performance in this key business metric.
Per ECCO, when using AESP/SSP to add a cell phone number to the account, add the cell/mobile number in this field.