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Chapter 13 & 14 Review on plants

The waxy layer that somtimes covers the leaves and stems of plants
The term for a fern leaf
The stage of an organism that undergoes alternation of generations that creates gametes
The phylum that includes true mosses
The structure in the carpel that holds up the stigma
When pollen is transferred from an anther to a stigma
The movement of carbohydrates throughout a plant
In woody stems, this is inside the xylem and stores food/carries materials.
This type of reproduction in plants is asexual
This hormone is responsible for ripening in plants.
The type of plant that usually has parallel leaf venation
This hormone is responsible for the results seen in phototropism
The vascular tissue of a plant that transports water and dissolved foods
This type of pressure uses the prescence of water inside the cell to provide stiffness to a plant
The type of plant that usually has two cotyledons
These pigments help tp regulate photoperiodism
The vascular tissue of a plant that transports dissolved minerals and water
The openings that can be found underneath leaves to facilitate gas exchange
The beginning of the growth of an embryonic plant in a seed
The collection of male reproductive organs in a flower
A growth response in plants as a response to stimulus