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Civil War

Abolitionist who led a revolt on Harpers Ferry.
President of the Confederate States.
The South's main source of income.
Secret escape route for slaves.
President during the Civil War.
Led a slave revolt in 1831.
This side won the war.
First battle of the Civil War was fought here.
Groups of people that campaigned against slavery.
Major leader of the Underground Railroad.
This state was founded as a result of the difference in feelings about slavery in Virginia.
The South was called this during the war.
Robert E. Lee surrendered at this court house.
First state to secede from the United States.
Capital of the Confederacy.
This general played a major role in the Battle of Bull Run.
One of the ironclad ships made during the Civil War.
This fort was where the Confederates fired on and started the Civil War.
The North was called this during the war.