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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Before and After Prefixes

We had to ____ our meeting because Mrs. Breen was late!
The _____ comes before the regular season and is a time for the players to get ready for competition.
You can often find an ______ at the end of a book.
I love garlic, but it leaves a horrible_______ in your mouth.
A ______ can be found at the beginning of many books.
We are in the football________ right now.
The superbowl has a big _______ show.
Lila cut her ____ when she was trimming the bushes by her house.
In this spelling list, each word has a _______.
When your write P.S. at the end of a letter it stands for _________.
When there is a strong earthquake there is usually a smaller ______.
A weather report can often _____ us of an upcoming storm.
Our math class is in the _______ , right before we go home.