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force ad motion crosswrd puzzle

The reason a ball will come to a complete stop.
The force that makes plantes round.
The reason you don't break the bed when you lay on it.
Everything in the world has _____ .
Who jum off cliff, then you fall downto the bottom
It took 20 men to push a car
The synonym for job.
The _____ was a group who worked againt Hitler in the 1900 's .
The 3 laws of______ can also be knwn as Newton's 3 laws.
Isaac ____ was the person who created the 3 laws of motion.
My _____ was 35mph west
Camera, lights, ______ !
One thing that effects on the gravitional pull on something.
I had to put in alot of ____ to move that heavy box
The force that lets you move
Same speed in the same direction
Change in speed
The reason you scream when someone scares you.
The reason somehings that's rolling wants to say rolling
I recieved a ticket because i was going 12 miles over the ____ limit.