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Issues and Politics of World War II

Computer will initial intentions of predicting weather patterns.
Famous project known for developing atomic bombs.
An initiative that forced the sterilization of physically and mentally disabled people.
Trials concerning medical experiments
Nazi death squads
Nazi Eugenics program was inspired by a Eugenics program in this american state.
Nazi War Criminal who felt persecuted minorities were cargo.
Death toll in Eastern Asia as a result of war crimes
Conference that resulted in dropping the Atomic Bomb.
The atrocities in World War 2 prompted the idea of crimes against _______.
War Trials held to convict the highest ranking of Nazi War Criminals.
Machine that led to the creation of Colossus.
The major group persecuted by the Nazis.
Leader of the Soviet Union
Conference held to insist on the unconditional surrender of Germany.
The second atomic bomb was dropped on this Japanese city.
According to Nazis this was the ideal race.
Pressurized cabins resolved this issue on planes.
Antibiotic that became popular during the war
Emperor of Japan during World War II.