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Abraham Lincoln

During the Civil War, the North was known as the _____?
Abraham Lincoln was the _____ president
State Lincoln was born in
Man who assassinated Lincoln
The month Lincoln was born
A nickname of Lincoln was "_____ Abe"
One nickname of Abraham Lincoln was, "The _____ Emancipator"
On January 1, 1863, Lincoln issued the "Emancipation _____"
Lincoln's mother's first name
Lincoln was born in a "____ cabin"
The name of the U.S. War that happened during Lincoln's presidency
An occupation Lincoln had before going into politics
Lincoln's father's name
The third state Lincoln lived in, which now has the slogan, "The Land of Lincoln"
City Lincoln died in
The place of a Civil War battle where Lincoln gave a very famous speech
The month Lincoln died
The first name of Lincoln's wife
The second state in which Lincoln lived