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Active Reading Fall 2017

SQ3R is recommended for ___________courses.
SQ3R can help to _________your reading ability.
Texting and driving is an extremely _________ habit that can kill you and others.
The best time to recite is at the ______ of each text section, right before the new heading.
_________your study area to suit your particular needs.
SQ3R is not recommended for __________ courses.
Emotional __________ helps you understand your feelings and develop strategies to deal with emotions productively when they are getting in your way.
Feeling is a reasonable and _________ way of making decisions.
When reading an online version of a textbook on line you may be able to use ______________embedded tools in the e-book software.
Defining your purpose makes it __________ why yur are reading an assignment.
_________is a mental function used to gather information in the here and now.
Set realistic ______ and stay focused for greater efficiency.
_______tasking can increases work time, errors and stress.
Don't expect to _________ challenging materials on the first reading.
Thinking is a structured and ______________method of decision making.
The 3rd important step in the SQ3R process is to __________
The first stage in the SQ3R process is ____________
________ is a future based assessment sometimes based on probability from sensing experiencing
Your _________ demands that you have the ability to read with focus, purpose and follow through.
__________an open mind helps you not to pre-judge assignments.
Plan break times to _______ yourself during the study time.
Reading is an _________form of communication
Marking up your book and writing notes is a way of ___________ cues to boost understanding and memory.
Pay attention to your natural _____________ rhythms and chose study times that fit your needs,
Creating and/or completing a _________ is also an active learning tool when you are asked to engage in a movie for experiential and interactive learning purposes.
When studying plan in advance to handle ________ obligations
Avoid _________distractions like hunger so that you will concentrate better.
Avoid_______________________when highlighting text because it makes it impossible to determine what is important.
An important step in the sQ3r process is to ask _____________.
___________helps to call your attention & focus to important concepts and information.
Reading Comprehension is the_________ to success.
According to web researcher Jakob Nielson the first step in online -screen reading should be ___________
Avoid ______________ media distractions and technology to increase the ability to focus and learn.
Focus on main ideas and examples that support them to create a _________ of reading material.
To have an environment that is useful to successful studying you may need to ______significant others understand importance of quiet enviornoment to study
Read slower and focus deeper when you determine the material is something that you want to integrate.
The 4th step in the SQ3R process is to pause and _________the answer to questions that you or the author has asked.
Understanding and accessing FSW ________resources are essential when confronted with challenging assignments.
_______ the article to be learned by scanning first and make a summary to help focus on the main idea.
____maps work well to bridge connections and understand relationships tying in test book information to professor lectures.