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Spelling Unit 3

The sound a horse makes is called a ______.
She got a _____on her new dress.
He was ______of the dark.
____till the light turns green before you go.
Please _____all the rules at school.
We can't go shopping until mom gets ____.
The Eagle is a bird of ____.
The puppy wagged his ____.
___for the hoop before you shoot the basketball.
I like to eat a baked potato with my _____.
She planted her flower in a ____flowerpot.
The whole class did _____today.
Have you eve ridden in a ______?
She had her hair in a _____.
Which___did the firetruck go?
The ship sailed into the ___.
Some people ____before they eat.
She put milk in the ____
Go ___down on your bed.