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Latin American Geography

It’s one of the world’s leading producers of oil.
It’s a major trade route for Latin American countries.
2nd largest mountains in the world
It produces 1/3 of the earth’s oxygen
The city’s population & location contribute to its bad air pollution problem.
World’s largest ocean
the largest ethnic group in Mexico
a blend of the native groups in the area and the influences of the countries that created colonies there.
It stretches 4,000 miles from Peru across to Atlantic Ocean
A mountain system in Mexico
It’s south of the US, east of the Pacific Ocean, and west of the Gulf of Mexico & Caribbean Sea.
It handles a large volume of world shipping and enables ships to avoid traveling around South America
The major religion in the area is ___, which was brought by European settlers.
People with Native American ancestry make up the majority of the population in Bolivia, Peru, and Guatemala.
Huge parts of the rain forest are being cut down to plant crops
Its climate is mostly hot and tropical.
It is located in Chile
There’s a rainy season from May to October
In Brazil, the primary language is
On average, almost 90% of adults in__ can read and write
Nearly all people in Latin America speak
rate is the percentage of a country’s population over the age of 15 that can read and write.