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The Poisonwood Bible

The Underdowns deal with the ___ affairs of the Mission league.
What animal eats the souls of dead people?
Who tried to see Nelson naked?
____ means witch doctor
Who was going to declare their independence?
Leah was smacked by her father for being ____
Who wanted the rotten eggs?
Whet month was the election set for?
In what month does the Prices contract expire?
There are 200 different ____ in the Congo.
Nelson had a picture of a dead what on the wall?
Who arrived in the plane?
The Prices have a ____ that the Underdowns make fun of.
Gree-Grees have little ____ in them.
If its dark out you don't say snake you say___
How many eggs had X's on them?
What did the locals get there evening news form?
When do the Minors plan to relieve the Prices of their missionary work?
Rotten eggs ____ in water.