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Biology Final Review

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The interaction of 2 different organisms living together where at least 1 benefits.
A general term used to describe chemicals produced that cause damage to air, water, land, etc.
This is another term for "transfer" when referring to the carbon cycle.
Contamination of water bodies as pollutants enter the water supply.
In this relationship, one organism benefits and one is harmed (usually death).
In this type of relationship, one organism benefits and one is harmed (AKA The "Host").
When one organism benefits and one is unaffected is known as this type of relationship.
Of or relating to feeding or nutrition
An organism that obtains food by consuming other organisms (AKA Heterotroph)
An organism that makes its own food (AKA Producer)
A species that is introduced to an area and is non-native.
The clearing of normal forests so the land can be used for non-forest reasons.
Excessive amounts of artificial light that brightens the night sky over inhabited areas.
The movement or cycling of this element is necessary for all living things.
Carbon Dioxide and Water are known as _____ in a Photosynthesis Chemical Formula.
Examples of these organisms include: Vultures, Raccoons, Crows and Hyena
Non-Living or Inorganic
Method of waste disposal.
The burning of fossil fuels is known as _____.
This process makes the food
The energy pathway starts with this
An organism that breaks down the wastes or remains of other organisms.
Precipitation that collects chemicals and pollutants from the air.
Living or Organic
Movement creates this type of energy