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Science Project

Yaw Amponsah-Poku
A process in which sediments move slowly downhill.
Mixture of weathered rock, organic matter, water, and air that evolves over time and supports the growth of plant life.
Erosion of land that occurs when wind blows across loose sediments and carries them away, often leaving behind particles too heavy to move.
Process that breaks rocks down into smaller pieces without changing them chemically.
Configuration of surface features, including position and slope; also influences the types of soils that develop.
Mountain glaciers can carve bowl-shaped depression called this.
A form of erosion that occurs when wind blows sediments into rocks, makes pits in the rocks, and produces smooth, polished surfaces.
Occurs when gravity alone causes rock or sediment to move down a slope.
Wearing away and removal of rock material that occurs by agents such as gravity, ice, wind, and water.
Acidic moisture, with a pH below 5.6.
Process in which the chemical composition of rocks is changed by agents such as natural acids and oxygen.
Occurs when a mass of rock or sediment moves downhill along a curved surface.
Water that flows over Earth's surface.
Dropping of sediments occurs when an agent of erosion can no longer carry its load.
Natural mechanical or chemical process that causes rocks to change by breaking them down and causing them to crumble.