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Cell Vocabulary

Materials that make up plants and animals
A organ in a cell
A part of an organization necessary for life
A group of organs that help each other function
The main organizing center that has microtubules
Small particles and fluids brought into the cell by endocytosis
Support and protection
Controls movement of materials in and out of the cell and maintains homeostasis
Moves the internal structures of the cell
Jellylike substance that supports and protects cell organelles
Organelle that stores food, water and metabolic waste
Synthesizes proteins
A 1-cell organism with no distinct membrane, nucleus, organelles
Breaks down large food particles and digests waste
Helps make proteins and transport them throughout the cell
Transports materials and goods throughout the cell
A cell w/ DNA nucleus and membrane
Controls all cell activities
Transports things from the ER to the golgibody
Uses energy from the sun to make food and oxygen
Makes ribosomes
A microscopic organism without organelles
Breaks down glucose to release energy
Controls movement of material in and out of the nucleus
A theory of how cells are made
What all living are made of
A tiny organism that causes infection