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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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To Kill a Mockingbird: Part One

Review chapters 1-11. Make sure to print out your answer sheet and to write your name on it. 
Her house burns down
Scout begins doing this in an attempt to get out of school
The type of grass that Miss Maudie hates
Scout and Jem's uncle
The last name of the boy who called Miss Caroline a "slut of a school teacher"?
The real name of a person believed at first to be a malevolent ghost.
What is it a sin to kill?
Atticus wanted Scout to learn to not do what when challenged?
Atticus saved this man's land from entailment
One-_____ Finch
Atticus decided he wouldn't _____ unless he had to.
How old Jem was "nearly" before his arm was broken
Atticus' career
Dill visits Jem and Scout's town at this time of year.
Happened in the middle of the night
Scout and Jem's aunt
The first name of the town gossip
Name of the mad dog
What was put inside the tree to plug the hole?
Who is Scout referring to when she says "Maybe he died and they stuffed him up the chimney"?
Tom's last name
Boo placed a blanket around this character
The approximate age difference between Jem and Scout
The first to be blamed for trespassing on the Radley's property (the word the characters use)
The reason Scout thought the world was ending.