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7th Grade: Chapter 14: The Byzantine Empire Sections 1, 2, & 3

Statement of beliefs.
Most well known emperor of the Byzantine empire. He was known for reclaiming some of Rome's lost territories and rebuilding the Hagia Sophia, the empire's central church.
Split between the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches in 1054.
Alphabet used mostly for Slavic languages such as Russian and Bulgarian, as well as for other languages.
Trench filled with water as a part of a fortification.
Word used by historians to describe the eastern Roman empire after the fall of the western Roman empire.
A holy image, usually a portrait of Jesus or a saint.
A chemical mixture that burned in water which was used by the Byzantine empire against enemy ships.
A law code produced by the Byzantine emperor Justinian.
Narrow body of water that cuts through land, connecting two larger bodies of water.
Leader of the Roman Catholic Church.
"Image Breaker," person who opposed the use of icons in Christian worship.
Someone who tries to convert others to a particular religion.