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NAME ______________________________
HOUR _________
_____ extinction is a natural process accounting for approximately 1 species per year per million species.
Tropical regions contain _____ of all land species on Earth.
_____ are stable if their biodiversity is maintained.
All living things are _____ on other living things.
Habitat _____ is the separation of wilderness areas from other wilderness areas.
Rain, snow, sleet, and fog with low pH values are called _____ _____.(2 words)
One of the biggest reasons for decline in biodiversity.(2 words)
Habitat _____ are protected strips of land that allow the migration of organisms from one wilderness area to another.
The different conditions along the boundaries of an ecosystem are called _____ _____.(2words)
The Endangered Species Act made it illegal to _____ a species on the endangered or threatened species lists.
When a species is likely to become endangered, it is said to be _____.
The variety of species in a specific area
The U.S. _____ Species Act became law in 1973.
Habitat _____ is the damage to a habitat by pollution.
Some of the chemicals that contribute to ozone layer reduction over Antarctica.
_____ _____ works to enable people to use natural resources in managed ways to protect ecosystems.(2words)
The disappearance of a species when the last of its members dies.
_____ resources are the parts of the environment that are useful or necessary for living organisms.
From a study during the 1960's, the number of species present depends on the number of _____.
An _____ species is one whose numbers become so low that extinction is possible.
_____ programs release organisms into an area where the species once lived.
_____ biology is the study and use of methods to protect biodiversity.
Biodiversity increases as you move toward the _____.