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The Meanings Behind of our Solar System Planets

This planet was the Roman god of agriculture. He was called Cronus by the Greeks. He is the son of Uranus and the father of Jupiter. This planet also overthrew his father to become king of the gods, but was then overthrown himself by his son Jupiter.
In astronomy mythology, this planet was the Roman goddess of love and beauty.
This teacher is, out of this world, great!
In Greek,this planet was known as Ares.
This planet, known as Zeus in Greek mythology, over threw his father Saturn to become king of the gods. He then split the universe with his brothers Neptune and Pluto.
In astronomy mythology, her Greek name was Gaea. this planet was the mother of the mountains, valleys, streams and all other land formations.
In ancient Greece, the ___ was called Helios.
At first, this planet was only the god of water, but later on, this was extended to include the sea when he became associated with the Greek god Poseidon.
In astronomy mythology, this planet was the lord of the skies and husband of Earth. He was also the king of the gods until he was overthrown by his son Saturn.
In astronomy mythology, this planet was the Roman version of the Greek god Hermes.