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Suffixes -ance, -ence, -ant, -ent

admission; arrival
To protect your house and car it's important to have ________.
Obvious; seeming; outward. The teacher's stern look and loud voice was ______ that she was not happy with the class.
presence, attendance.
Luck; by chance; by accident
Suffix meaning a quality, action or process; for ex., import____; appear_____.
fitting; useful; suitable
Most teenagers want to show some ________ and that they can manage some things on their own.
a change; alteration
Steady; stable; reliable. To stay healthy, one must be ______ with good eating habits and exercise.
quality; brilliance. I admire her _______ in singing.
Suffix meaning a quality or action; for example, intellig_____; differ______.
Stubborn; determined; insistent; tenacious. The salesman was _______ in trying to sell me a car.
Unaware; uninformed; unknowing. Some foreigners are _______ of where SD is located.
I saved money on this cool shirt because it was on ____________.
Contaminant; poison; toxin. Trash can be a troublesome _______.
Presentation; show
Suffix meaning on who, that which; and it can be a noun or an adjective, like serv____; pleas____, brilli____.
bright; clear; wonderful; excellent
self-assurance; coolness. He showed great skill and ______ in shooting his free throws.
Smart; brainy; intellectual
Vital; essential; key; imperative. Studying these words is ______ for a good grade.
Shy; timid; cautious; doubtful. He gets nervous and _______ in front of crowds.
Latin suffix meaning one who is, one who does;…accid____, differ____.