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Grade 8 Chapter 13 Review

supported the creation of a national bank
Which symbol did the Whigs adopt for themselves during the 1840 election?
decided the 1824 U.S. presidential election?
How does Jackson describe white settlers
Which president persuaded Congress to create an independent national treasury in 1840?
What are presidential candidates who receive the backing of their home states rather than that of the national party called?
Winning candidates who give government jobs to their supporters are making use of which of this system
Which of these prompted calls for additional troops to fight the Seminole in Florida?
an attempt to ruin a candidate’s personal reputation
The Seminole people successfully resisted their removal from which state?
a system where appointed officials, not elected ones, carry out laws
Who were the only Americans allowed to vote in 1824 and 1828?
What did Andrew Jackson's supporters replace caucuses with?
What were the Cherokee, Creek, Seminole, Chickasaw, and Choctaw peoples collectively known as?
Which law was intended to allow the president to use the United States military to enforce federal law?
favored states’ rights in the 1828 election
increased the prices of European goods
What happened two months after Van Buren took office?
In which state today is most of the area that in 1834 Congress set aside for Native Americans?
During which administration was the Indian Removal Act passed
single word that summarizes Jackson’s opinion of Native Americans?