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Plant and Animal Cells

Daniel Phillips
The continuation of the outer nuclear membrane
Items that make up the Animal and Plant Cells
The main structure in the nucleus
A network of 3 primary protein filaments
The organelle that breaks down food molecules to make ATP
Protective barriar to the uncontrolled flow of water
Provides and maintains the shape of cell
The organelle that uses the energy of sunlight to make food
Responsible for protecting cell from its own production of toxic Hydrogen
The organelle in which amino acids are hooked together to make proteins
An area where the cells micro tubules are produced
A membrane bound sac that plays roles in intra cellular digestion
The organelle that processes and transports proteins
The basic unit of life
A ring of 9 groups of fused microtubules
The cell substance between the cell membrane and the nucleus
The organelle that conains the cells DNA
The organelle that digests food particles
Contains ribosomes that collect in the endoplasmic endoplasmic
The "soup" within which all the organelles reside