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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Reading Review

Words or phrases at the beginning of a section
A way to help readers by giving information in a list.
The whole passage
Key words that are dark print.
People or animals in a story.
Picturing or envisioning in the mind; imagine.
The main idea or lesson learned of a story
Having the same sound at the end of two or more words or phrases.
The narrator is a character in they story and gives their point of view.
Shows the location
Italic words or words in parenthesis that describe a characters feelings or actions.
Most important information written about a text.
Using the five senses to create a mental image for the reader.
Slanted key words
Writing or text that informs about people, places, and things.
The strategy used when reading a passage.
The name of the person who wrote the play
The written text of a play
Giving human characteristics to a non-human thing.
A group of lines in a poem separated by space from other stanzas.
Talk between two or more characters in a story.
A list of vocabulary words in the back of the book listed in alphabetical order.
The time and place in which the story happens.
A drawing that explains or shows the parts of something.
A part of a passage
A list of titles of the parts of the book and the page number it starts.
The repetition of consonant sounds at the beginning of words nearby.
Used to help the reader understand small parts of a picture.
An alphabetical list of words and topics and the page numbers on which they are mentioned.
A comparison between two objects using "like" or "as"
A type of poem without a patter and usually does not rhyme
A solution or end to a conflict.
A piece of writing that may rhyme and has descriptive words and strong feelings.
A sentence explaining the gist of an article or paragraph.
A picture made with a camera.
The person who tells the story.
Problem or struggle
A title or short explanation with a photograph, illustration, or diagram.
The CPRC of a story.
A way to organize information.