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Global Warming Shrinking Rivers

 NAME-______________________________pd _
Mr. Prussman  Dynamic Earth      
Global Warming
Parts of seven states and ______ will be affected by the shrinking of the Colorado River.
This Study was published in the Journal Water _______ Research.
More an more water is being drawn out of the waterways, snowbanks, plants and soil by _________and other means.
A study by the University of Arizona showed that much of the decline in the river's volume is due to a ____atmosphere induced by climate change.
The most important waterway in the American Southwest is the _______River.
Arizona and Nevada would be the first states to be affected by the resulting water ________.
Climate change is already ________ the Colorado River Water Supplies 15 years into this century.
The River supplies water to 40 million people and 6,300 square miles of _______.
Since the year 2000,m the river's _____has dropped more than 19%, during a Drought gripping the Region.
One bright note is that this winter Snow Amounts in the West have been much greater than __________.