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The Planets

Beams -- 7th Grade Science
I'm a "dwarf planet," and astronomers used to consider me and my moon to be a double planet.
This planet's atmosphere extends more than 100 Km above its surface.
In 1781, I became the first new planet discovered since ancient times.
Because the axis of Mars is tilted, it has ______ just as Earth does.
The inner planets are often called the _____ planets.
This planet was discovered as a result of a mathematical prediction.
The four planets that are small, rocky, & closest to the sun
I'm made of ice & rock and orbit Saturn.
The first 4 outer planets are so large, they are also called the _____ _____.
I'm Saturn's largest moon.
This planet is called the "red planet" because it has a slightly reddish tinge.
Venus is known as this when it shines brightly in the west after sunset.
I'm the most massive planet in the solar system.
I'm one of Jupiter's largest moons.
This planet's "day" is longer than its "year."
None of the giant planets has a _____ _____.
The trapping of heat by the atmosphere is called the _____ effect.
Mercury has the greatest range of _____ than any other planet in the solar system
I'm named after the Roman god of agriculture.
The planet closest to the sun
Even though I'm Mars' larger moon, I'm only 27 Km in diameter.