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Biology- Unit 1- Components of Wellness

Transport that requires no energy.
If a solution has a high solute it is ____________.
A form of Passive transport that uses the help of proteins.
Short form for adenosine triphophate
Main component of the cell membrane, is selectively permeable.
If a solution has a relatively low solute concentration it is ______________.
A process in which a cell takes materials from outside a cell and moves them inside.
Are "gateways" to the cell, allowing things through that can't pass freely.
A form of passive transport, where water passes through the membrane.
If a solution has relatively equal solute concentration it is _________.
This means that some things can pass through but some can't
Maintains the cell membranes consistency.
Means "cell eating".
Transport that requires energy to move particles over the membrane.
Means "cell drinking".
A process in which a cell takes materials from inside the cell and moves them outside.