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U4L2 Vocabulario

It's a carb like pasta but smaller
If you're lucky, you'll be able to drive one of these when you are 16
Cake, pie, ice cream, etc.
Mom says to eat these
Where you buy the thing you need to get into a concert
Candles go on it sometimes
Those things you walk on all day
You might catch one of these in the FWCD pond but I wouldn't eat it
Lots of tall buildings located here
She works hard at a restaurant
This is what the FDP is for
Where you eat
Don't do this in class, please
You need money to pay this at the end of a meal
Chicken, turkey, beef, etc.
Where you might go to see a flick
You CAN do this!
If you get enough of these, you might get a party in Spanish class
The first word in "maybe"
Sra. Arnold's classroom is located in the MS ______
15-20% is customary to leave for this
What you need to get into a concierto
Bass Hall is one of these
Bryant Irvin is one of these