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The Five Lives of Our Cat Zook

The resturant owner
The object that was in Zook's side
Zook's real name
The name of the veterinary clinic where Zook went
The only type of animal mentioned in the book
What type of failure did Zook have
The name of Fred and Oona's cat
What did Zook have twenty-six of.
What is the name of Oona's mother's mother.
What was the last name of what Oona considers a fatherly figure
A green vegetable
The name of the flying cat in one of Oona's whoppers
Where they live
What Oona calls Dylan
The name of the stories Oona tells
The part of Zook's body that was clipped off
Joanne Rocklin is what to the book
What is the name of Dylan's great uncle
A restaurant that Fred and Oona help advertise at
Mario's wife