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Animal Cell

- Nickname: "The Powerhouse" - Function: energy formation > breaks down food to make ATP - ATP = the major fuel for all cell activities that require energy -analogy: Like a powerhouse or furnace, take in basic fuel stuff and generate energy from it
Nickname: "Roads", "E.R." - Function: the internal delivery system of the cell, makes fats or lipids analogy: in a school, they are compared to hallways
- Nickname: "Clean-up Crews" - Function: to break down food into particles the rest of the cell can use, and to destroy old cells - Appearance: circular, but bigger than ribosomes -analogy: like garbage men/garbage collectors. They are similar because like garbage men, get rid of waste materials.
Store food, water and waste =analogy- its like a refrigator, it stores food
A web of protein in the cytoplasm FUNCTION: -Acts as a muscle and a skeleton - Keeps the membrane from collapsing --Helps some cells move -analogy: metal framework, elevator shaft, and mail chutes of an older high rise building.
a jellylike fluid inside the cell in which the organelles are suspended -analogy: is like those fruit jello cups, it holds everything inside
- Function: makes proteins - Found in all cells, prokaryotic and eukaryotic -anaology: They are like carpenters, builders, and workers who carry around everything and help like a worker
- Nickname: "The Shippers" - Function: packages, modifies, and transports materials to different locations inside/outside of the cell - Appearance: stack of pancakes -analogy: compared to a washer and a dryer
thin, flexible barrier around a cell; regulates what enters and leaves the cell -analogy: is a lot like a wall or fence surrounding a city that keeps everything that is dangerous or harmful out
Nickname: "The Control Center" - Function: holds the DNA - Nucleolus: dark spot in the middle of the nucleus that helps make ribosomes -anaology: it is like city hall because this is there the information