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French Louisiane

Bienville was convicted for ______.
_____ was the belief that each country or empire should have access to, and control of, raw materials needed to build and maintain a healthy economy.
The second fort built to protect France's claim on the Mississippi River.
During Bienville's time as governor, he was accused of _____.
Lead their expedition. Entered the Gulf of Mexico, and anchored at Ship Island.
The governor and the commissary began feuding over ____.
La Salle's _____ expedition was a disaster.
_____ discovered the Mississippi River.
"Runners of the woods"
A______ would lift the burden of economic responsibility from King Louis XIV.
Wanted to establish a colony at the mouth of the Mississippi River.
De Soto's men found no ____ or riches.
The_____ taught the French how to grow corn, squash, beans, and how to hunt and fish.