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People/Events in the American Revolution

This battle was fought in 1775 and is considered the first major defeat of the American Continental War.
One of the first people killed in the Boston Massacre, this man came to Colonial America as a slave/merchant.
Ruled Great Britain during the American Revolution and is one of the longest governing rulers.
A retired British soldier who fought against the American troops in the war.
This battle was fought during the Siege of Boston and took place on top of Breed's Hill.
Played a huge role in the movement that soon led to the American Revolution and was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.
This man made many allies and is considered the "Father of the American Navy".
A philosopher and one of the Founding Fathers, this man wrote two pamphlets about the poorly run British government.
This man was a politician and great public speaker who is still famous for "Give me Liberty, or Give me Death," speech.
The battle in which the American troops fought the British Army led by General Cornwallis; took place in 1781.
A military officer who fought the American Revolutionary War, this man convinced the French to send reinforcements to the Continental Army.
A British army officer who eventually became a Commander-in-Chief for British forces.
This man was one of our Founding Fathers, a famous Commander who fought in the American Revolutionary, and became the first president.
A small battle that took place in Trenton soon after George Washington crossed the Delaware River in 1776.
A businessman and a American Patriot, this man captured Fort Ticonderoga.