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Sort 39: Greek & Latin Roots

Author: Jamie Watson
A giant rock from space
A man in space
Vigorous exercise designed to get you breathing hard (cardiovascular)
To absorb water
Not having enough water
a colourless, odourless, highly flammable gas, the chemical element of atomic number 1.(Symbol: H)
From outside the Earth
A small glass container copying one type of environment
A boat, fitted with shaped vanes, that lift the boat out of the water to make it move quickly.
A small dog that goes underground - they used them to hunt foxes and rabbits in the past
What a stretch of land looks like
A traveller in any flying craft
Below the ground
In the air - or a wire structure that receives radio or TV signals
A pressurised can that sprays its contents
A water pipe in the street where a fire hose can be attached
Technology (and industry) related to flying and space flight
An area of land controlled by people (or animals)
The movement of liquids under pressure
A terrible event (meaning 'ill-starred')
Loops, rolls and spectacular flying to entertain an audience
The study of the stars and outer space
Reading the future using the stars
A symbol, like a star, used in writing