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Lesson 26 Spelling

to supply what is needed
to show confidence by telling secrets
to view or show in advance
a moving up in position or rank
to make sure of the truth of; verify
paid for by advertisers
talking or a talk between two or more people
occurs before a flight
to make a suggestion to be thought over and talked about
mentally alert or active
an association of persons carrying on a business
to judge before receiving all or enough of the facts
possessing all necessary parts; entire
to cause to be or happen
to make (something) a cause of dispute or fighting
to cover or shield from something that would destroy or injure; guard
noisy excitement and confusion
a fight or contest between individuals or groups
operating or occurring at the same time
to place in front
to keep within limits
to make a person agree or believe by arguing or showing evidence
gradual improvement or advancement
a programmable usually electronic machine that can store, get back again, and work with data
something that is waited for or expected