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The Harlem Renaissance

Poetry during this time related to ______?
Who saw the term "black art" as degrading?
WHat poem refers to the American Dream of rights?
WHo gave a speech at the NAACP convention regarding black art?
What was a main poetry element during this time?
Who's poems reflect his concern with the difficult situation of black people?
WHo saw the term "black art" as the beauty of black culture?
Who explored the philosophy of art prior to the Harlem Renaissance?
A Concern of many was whether art produced should be used as racial______.
WHich novel featured an atheist protagonist?
WHo wrote the novel "The New Negro?"
Johnson explored the issue of racial____in his works.
WHo wrote the novel asked in the previous question?
___was a main ideology/theme in many writers' works.
Where did the Harlem Renaissance take place?
WHo inspired many poets of this time period?